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Blackie can get you one just as good

]]> By: Stella Dhttps://www.google.com//174/1364/certificate-of-loss-of-nationality-canceled-us-passport/comment-page-3/#comment-155125 Sat, 18 Jan 2014 09:55:43 +0000 /174/?p=1364#comment-155125 By Sean on 27 June 2009
“Mike, as awesome as this is, I¡¯d really suggest that you put some kind of watermark across those images. Not for the purposes of real identity theft, but 419 scammers scower the net to find passport scans like these to use as a convincer via email, so don¡¯t be suprised if ¡°Mike Gogulksi¡± turns up in someone¡¯s inbox on behalf of the Bank of Nigeria!

By Mike Gogulski on 27 June 2009
@Sean: I¡¯m trying hard to find a reason to worry about the scenario you mention, but have failed thus far.

It would have been nice if you had paid some attention to Sean in 2009 –
Michael Brunnet – with your US passport has been trying to scam people on the internet for their identities. Thank god I am not helpless and defenseless naive, or I would have been scammed too.

If I knew how, I would copy the image of the passport sent to me. Your passport.

By: Ryanhttps://www.google.com//174/1364/certificate-of-loss-of-nationality-canceled-us-passport/comment-page-3/#comment-154539 Wed, 25 Sep 2013 08:14:23 +0000 /174/?p=1364#comment-154539 Who says you are liable for ongoing taxes? The definitive reference is going to be US tax law. Simply research it. You will find this is not the case. There is a lot of misinformation out there. Some of it probably deliberately there to mislead people.

There may be a tax due after renunciation if you have assets of 2 million USD or more, and capital gains which exceed 650,000 USD. Otherwise, no tax.

Once someones renunciation of citizenship is approved, at that moment, there are no longer any tax liabilities from your former country as long as you are no longer residing there.

You may also find that your new home country gives you a multiyear tax exemption for certain categories of income which you can then take advantage of just like normal citizens of other countries can.

You are free. Never a better time to leave the US than now. Look into leaving and cancel US citizenship. The US is no longer worth it. Your new home country may also be able to issue you a temporary travel document until you can acquire citizenship there or elsewhere. Not that citizenship is a good thing, but until the world stops requiring travel documents for travel, it can be hard to move around without a passport.

Do your research. There are lots of good opportunities out there. So shop around. When it comes to a place of residency, the US does not rank well and will not rank well in the coming years. Hopefully in 10 years from now, things will change and there will be new opportunities there.